Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hammer & Tong

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I had been pining over the possibility of going to Hammer & Tong for months, but had resisted due to our new saving plan. However, Andrew surprised my with a visit on Sunday morning. He did this because Sunday was my 20th birthday. I think that's a good enough reason to break the spending-ban, yes?

Mushrooms in Truffle Oil (side)

Some of the best mushrooms I've had; and I've tried many. Even in dishes that don't include mushrooms, my boyfriend and I generally add them on the side. Hammer & Tong was no exception to this habit of ours.

These mushrooms had coriander (one of my most beloved flavours) mixed in, and the truffle oil gave a beautiful taste to the two types of mushrooms they used.
Soft Shell Crab Burger

The signature.

I had to have it. Words truly cannot describe how much I love a good soft shell crab based meal. I'd been stalking images of this burger on Hammer & Tong's Urbanspoon for months before I finally got to try it.

I was not disappointed. The crab was juicy and soft inside and crispy and gold on the outside. They had stuffed the brioche buns full of corriander and cabbage, with lashing of what I believe was a tangy chili mayo. It was the best soft shell crab meal I have ever had, and one of the best in general. Not a single criticism shall be heard from me. Andrew saw me enjoying it so much that he ordered himself one after he finished his original main of a Wagyu Salad. No judgement here; I wouldn't have wanted to miss out, either.

Cherry Ripe Lamington

Whilst Andrew chowed down his second meal, I ordered this fancy little dessert. I must stress little; I've had bigger cupcakes. That would have been fine, but for the fact that is was $12. I would have been happy to pay about $8, which I'd say is the going rate for miniature desserts from higher-class institutions such as Hammer and Tong. I was expecting something bigger, and something more along the lines of an actual lamington.

But, as is shown on the right, it's more of a chocolate mousse with crumbs coating it, and chunks of cherry here and there. I have no complaints about it being made of chocolate mousse; I love the stuff. What puzzled me was that the only similarity between this and a lamington was the fact that it was coated in something. That's about it.

It was nice, but overpriced, and not nice enough to make me go crazy, like its crabby predecessor. I wouldn't recommend it or order it again.

All in all?

The coffee was superb, our soy cappuccinos were made to perfection, and were almost identical in extraction and texture. We always compare the coffees we are given where ever we go, so that we can gauge how consistent the institution's coffee is. Hammer & Tong was spot on.

Nothing could compare the absolute majesty of the soft shell crab burger, though. We both loved it. I nearly cried it was that damn good. I could eat it over and over and over again. Wow.

So, the lamington was disappointing. Oh well. By that point Hammer & Tong had already secured my eternal love and loyalty. It's not like the dessert was awful or bland, it was just average; nothing to get too upset about. Except maybe the price, but I'm sure anyone attending this restaurant knows of its not going to be exactly cheap.

Andrew said that his Wagyu was amazing, and by the look of bliss on his face as he chewed, I saw no reason to question his statements.

So, overall, it was a damn good foodie experience.


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